Terms and Conditions

All services are operated on the website Journeymekong.com with business licenses number 0103018358 and international travel business licenses number 0016/2002/TCDL-GPLHQT authorized by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment, and 30 billion VND of chartered capital.

1. Definitions and range of application

1.1. Definitions
 “Order” refers to every purchase of any service that is confirmed by Journeymekong.
 “Specific Conditions” refers to conditions relating to the supply of specific service by Journeymekong.
 “General conditions” refer to all regulations, conditions which are mentioned in this “Terms and conditions”.
 “You” refers to the users of the website Journeymekong to view, inquiry, request and order services.

1.2. Range of application
All general conditions below are applied for all transactions on the website Journeymekong.com valid from 11th November 2009.
You are invited to carefully read these general terms and conditions and specific conditions for each service clearly mentioned in every Service Introduction, provided by Journeymekong.com or its partner. You are advised to download them or to print and keep a copy.
The use of the Site of Journeymekong.com implies full and unequivocal acceptance of the general terms and conditions and specific conditions for each service clearly mentioned in Service Introduction.
The placing of Orders is only reserved to Users who have read and agreed to all the General Conditions by confirming back in an email return.
The Users are strongly advised to re-read the underlying general terms and conditions and specific conditions of each service clearly mentioned in Service Introduction every time they visit the web site as Journeymekong reserves the right to modify the conditions at any time and without prior notice. These modifications are not valid for reservations previously made and confirmed by Journeymekong according to the conditions provided in each Service Introduction at the moment service is confirmed by Journeymekong.

2. Use of the Site
The site is meant to assist the users with finding all services offered by Journeymekong and to make possible, if appropriate, the reservation of the required services.
To place an Order, you must be an adult (from 18 years old) and legally capable of making a contract according to Vietnamese law.
You are financially responsible for the use of the site both in your own name and on your own account as on the account of third parties, including minors, except in case of fraudulent use which is not the result of your own fault or negligence. You guarantee the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided by you or any other person using your details on the Journeymekong
A fraudulent use of the site, or an infringement of the general conditions, may at any moment cause denial of access by Journeymekong to the services provided on the site.

3. The Order

3.1. Placing an Order:
The procedure for placing an Order is as follows:
1)  You search for the desired tour and/or service. You select the appropriate service provided by Journeymekong.com according to search board or specific service. You need to complete the search properly to allow the display of all appropriate results.
2)  A list of products and associated prices corresponding to this search is displayed;
3) When you select the your desired product, a more detailed presentation of the product, price and policy allows you to verify the details;
4)  If you agree to order, you choose to contact us by email or phone to be suggested method of payments that is most convenient for you.
5) You select/ fill all the your personal details as required if desire your chosen products to be further customised;
6) You select/ fill all the information as requirement of the method of payment.
7) You validate your Order after accepting the General conditions or, if appropriate, the applicable Specific Conditions.

3.2. Confirmation of the Order
Journeymekong acknowledges receipt of the Order to you by e-mail within maximum 2 working days (for services inside Vietnam) and maximum 5 working days (for services outside Vietnam) following the receipt of order.
This confirmation is the conclusion of the sales contract between you and Journeymekong.
The message confirming the order contains an exact description of the order placed by the user and successfully delivered to Journeymekong.
Journeymekong will not accept any responsibility for orders that are not correctly delivered due to error or omission on the part of the user and without confirmation from Journeymekong.

3.3 Refusal to accept the order
Journeymekong reserves the right to suspend or refuse the order in the following cases:
– Incomplete or incorrect data at the time of placing the order;
– Failure to pay for previous orders or refusal of authorization by the user’s bank or other financial institution.
Where the order is rejected, Journeymekong will not accept any payment or will immediately refund the said payment.

3.4. Proof of Order
Notwithstanding any obvious error by Journeymekong, the retained details in the information system of Journeymekong is decisive in relation to Orders placed. The details on computer or electronic systems retained by Journeymekong constitute proof and, if they are produced as evidence in any dispute, they shall be admitted as valid and contestable in exactly the same manner, under the same conditions and with the same weight of proof as all documents which may be established, received or recorded in writing, by the two parties.

3.5. Withdrawal or cancellation of the Order by the User
Ordering services on Journeymekong could only be modified or cancelled according to cancellation policy mentioned in the general conditions and specific conditions of each service at the moment of booking services. These specific conditions are part of the general conditions and need to be read attentively and accepted before ordering services.
You can contact Journeymekong to modify or cancel your reservation any time before you receive confirmation by fax, email or written paper from Journeymekong without any charge. After Journeymekong confirms your booking, as soon as receiving our confirmation for your booking, your money will be transferred to our bank account. Details of payment are clearly mentioned in each specific service.

4. Price and Payment

4.1. The electronic confirmation of the Order indicates precise details of what is included in the price.
The prices are indicated in US dollar, could be exchange to another foreign currency at rates defined by Vietcombank, and include all taxes, except if the contrary is mentioned on the website. Delivery costs (if yes) are charged separately at the rates published on the site.

4.2. The payment of the cost of the products and services is effected by credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) or via a secured payment system when you have definitively validated your order.

4.3. Where the payment appears to be invalid, incomplete or non-existent, for whatever reason (or « for a reason that is the responsibility of the User »), the agreement will be rescinded at the user’s expense and civil or penal action may be taken against him/her.

5. Information and Complaints
All requests for information, possible details and complaints need to be addressed to the « Contact » section of the Site.

6. Responsibility of Journeymekong.com regarding the use of the Site

6.1. Journeymekong.com does not guarantee that the Site is free of anomalies, errors or bugs, nor that these may be corrected or that the Site performs without interruptions or breakdowns, or that the Site is compatible with a material or particular configuration different from the one explicitly validated for Journeymekong.
Journeymekong is by no means responsible for dysfunctions created by software of third parties, incorporated or not in the Site or provided with.
Journeymekong will by no means be held responsible for any kind of damage, predictable or not, (inclusive of the loss of gain or opportunity…) resulting from the use or the total or partial inability to use the Site.
As Journeymekong.com is not able to check all the sites to which it sends on Users intermediary basis via hypertext links, created to facilitate searches, Journeymekong is in no case responsible for the contents of such sites.
Journeymekong cannot be held responsible for the malfunctioning of Internet connections (breakdowns, answering time when consulting the site, placing the Order…). You acknowledge that you have been informed of the risks related to the security of communications on the Internet.

6.2. Journeymekong.com does not guarantee that the Site is compatible with your IT system.

6.3. The website may contain links to websites of third parties. These links are provided solely as a convenience to you. Journeymekong is not responsible for the contents of such third party websites or the links to which you may be transferred. Journeymekong does not have any responsibility for third party websites and does not make any representation regarding the content or accuracy of materials on such websites. Accessing such websites is at the sole risk of the user.

6.4. In the event that Journeymekong, for whatever reason, is required to pay damages, such damages shall only compensate direct damages and shall be limited to the price received by Journeymekong for the products or services which caused the damage. Besides, the liability of Journeymekong for indirect loss or damage, loss of profit, loss of goodwill, damage caused by interruption of business activities, distortion or loss of data is excluded.

7. Delivery
At the time of placing an Order, you must select the appropriate means of delivery:
– Collect from office or branch of Journeymekong.
– Dispatch to your postal address. Delivery fee will be borne to you. Delivery fee, date and time will be informed to you on website or in service confirmation.
In this case, you are entirely responsible for the correct completion of the necessary information, permitting Journeymekong to proceed with the delivery of the Order executed on the Site.
The delivery deadlines, however, are approximate and any failure to deliver within such deadlines will not lead to any responsibility whatsoever for Journeymekong.com.

8. Protection of the Site
Journeymekong is the holder of the intellectual property rights relating to the Site and its content.
This prohibition is particularly but not exclusively meant to prevent scrapping or the use of robots for extraction or reproduction of elements of the Site, including the range of Products or Services presented on it for commercial purposes.
The insertion of hypertext links to a part of the Site is prohibited without preliminary written consent of Journeymekong.

9. Protection of the privacy of the user of the site

9.1. Journeymekong is concerned about the protection of the privacy and has established rules to protect your personal data. By accepting the General Conditions, Specific Conditions and by communicating personal data to Journeymekong, the User agrees that Journeymekong handles its details according to the General Conditions.

9.2. Journeymekong processes your following personal data:
• Personal data relating to the orders and payments, including name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc;
• IP addresses;
• Any other relevant personal data that the user communicates to Journeymekong.

9.3. These personal data are used to:
• Execute the Orders and to process the payments;
• Contact the user for marketing purposes, including sending a newsletter;
• Inform the user about Journeymekong, its products and services and its site.
The nominative information collected with regard to sales at a distance is obligatory as these details are necessary for handling and delivery of Orders, as well as for making invoices. These details are absolutely confidential. Where this information is missing, the Order will be rejected.
Journeymekong commits itself to using the personal details of Users only for the explicit purposes set out in the General Conditions and Specific Conditions by only related departments and staffs. Journeymekong commits itself not to publish, spread or transmit details relating to you to other companies without your prior consent.

9.4. In case incomplete and inaccurate information are sent to Journeymekong, you could contact website administrator via web contact, email or post mail.

9.5. When you visit the site for the first time, your default language is English. However, you can choose another language (French) or use Google translate toolbar at the right corner of the site by selecting national flag or language.

10. Obligations of the site user

10.1. You shall:
(a) not use the Site of Journeymekong for illegal purposes or for purposes that could cause damage to the rights of Journeymekong or of third parties; you shall not use the site to transmit information that is illegal, discriminatory or offensive to Journeymekong or to third parties;
(b) not disturb the access to or functioning of the website, neither gain or attempt to gain any unauthorized access to the IT systems of Journeymekong, nor modify the site or use the site to transmit viruses, hacking attacks, bugs, etc. ;
(c) Respect the general conditions of use;
(d) Enter correctly your personal details to make possible the handling of your order;
(e) Check the solvency and validity of your means of payment.

10.2. In case of non-respect of the obligations of this agreement by the user of the site, Journeymekong reserves the right to block the access to its site immediately and to claim damages.

11. Miscellaneous

11.1. The fact that Journeymekong may not immediately exercise one of its rights on the basis of these general terms and conditions shall not be interpreted as a renunciation of such rights.

11.2. In case one of the clauses of these general terms and conditions is declared to be null and void, or without any effect, this will not affect the validity of the other clauses, except if the clause is essential to this agreement between you and Journeymekong.

11.3. All cases of ‘force majored’, defined according to Vietnamese law, that render the transaction impossible, including but not limited to, interruption of telecommunications, strikes by transport workers, hotel-owners, air traffic controllers, air controllers, also render null and void the obligations incumbent on Journeymekong and which are affected by the said ‘force majored’. Transactions that are not carried out due to ‘force majored’ are subject to reimbursement, but not to compensation or interest.

11.4. All disputes between the User and Journeymekong shall be governed by Vietnamese law and resolved by a Vietnamese court of competent jurisdiction in Hanoi.

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