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Sapa is a colorful mountainous valley town in the North of Vietnam. This town has been known as the paradise tourism destination for such a long time.


Sapa View


The town’s unique weather condition is one of its beauties. All four seasons in a year could be found in a single day of Sapa. Spring and autumn are felt in the cool air there in the morning and afternoon. It is sunny and rather hot as in summer weather at noon time.  Evenings turn out to be cold as winter. Just very few places in the world could give a fascinating feeling about the weather condition like this city. With this unique climate, our lovely town will bring you a romantic and memorial holiday ever.

Like Hanoi, Dalat and several cities in Vietnam, our city is influenced by the French colonial architectural style. Villas, churches and hotels there still preserve renaissance architecture originated from Western world. Many tourists adore this ancient and romantic image of Sapa.

Sapa - Terraces

Sapa – Terraces


The town is the wonderful site to carry out adventure tours. Every year, many domestic and foreign climbers and scientists come to Sapa to reach the ‘Roof of Vietnam’. Sapa is the starting place to discover the highest peak in Vietnam – the Fansipan Mountain. At the height of 3143 meters from the ocean, this peak is also the highest peak in the Indochina Peninsula. Visitors are excited at the trekking trips in Sapa to breathtaking remote villages, magnificent natural waterfalls and lush valleys and forests. The best time to visit our dreaming land is in May and April when flowers and thousands of flora pieces bloom endlessly. If you love the charming beauty of orchids, you should never miss the chance to visit Sapa for the fact that this land has been long time regarded as the kingdom of orchid with hundreds types like Orchid Princess, Orchid of My Fair Lady’s Shoe.

Sapa - Cat Cat Village

Sapa – Cat Cat Village


Opportunities to experience the unique customs of the local ethnic minority residents are worthwhile to travel to our hillside town. The traditional ‘Love Market’ on every Saturday night is really special event where Black H’mong people come to find their sweethearts. There are other ethnic minorities living in picturesque mountainous and hilly villages such as Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Ta Van, Lao Chai, Giang Ta Chai. They usually come to crowded, colorful and joyful weekly markets such as Bac Ha, Coc Ly to exchange food, handmade products, kind of wine and clothes. There are many products that you can see in nowhere else in the world.

The town is splendidly beautiful in harvesting season. The beauty of the ranges of terraced rice paddy fields is still kept in the mind if thousands visitors. This city welcomes thousands of foreign visitors each year who can travel by car or by train from Hanoi. Let’s travel with Journeymekong to Sapa – an overwhelming destination of untouched nature and culture.

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