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Luang Prabang (or Louangphrabang) – the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must – go attraction in your tour in Laos. This province is located in north central Laos, at the confluence of the Nam Khan River and Mekong River. It is about 300 kilometers from Luang Prabang city to the current capital city of Vientiane. In the past, this city was used to be the royal capital and seat of government of the Kingdom of Laos after the communist’s takeover in 1975.  The main part of the city is comprised of four main roads located on a peninsula between the two rivers. Luang Prabang has a tropical wet and dry climate with wet and dry seasons.  The atmosphere is generally very warm throughout the year and noticeably cooler from December to January. You can travel to Luang Prabang quite easily by Luang Prabang International Airport with many flights each day. There are also routinely buses for you to go from Vientiane to Luang Prabang. It takes about 10 hours to travel. Interestingly, you can either take 2 day long boat trip along the Mekong River to go there.


Laos Luang Prabang-Buddhist

Luang Prabang is an ideal sight –seeing site for its naturally beautiful spots such as Kuang Si Falls and Pak Ou Caves. The Kuang Si Falls spelled Kuang Xi (or Tat Kuang Si Waterfall is a stuuning three – tier waterfall. It is located about 18 miles from the Luang Prabang central to the south. The main fall cascade is 60 meters in length, creating the very fabulous view. Pak Ou is a group of two caves on the west side of the Mekong River. The caves are famous for their miniature beautiful Buddha sculptures. You may feel excited riding elephants there.


Luang Prabang Laos – Lanna temple

The city is well known for its numerous Buddhist temples and monasteries. The Haw Kham Royal Palace Museum and the Wat Xieng Thong temple are among the most reputable historical sites. The Royal Palace Museum was built in 1904 in the early French colonial era as a residence for King Sisavang Vong and his family. Coming there, you will know more about the long lasting history of this city. Luang Prabang’s most magnificent temple is Wat Xieng Thong. This marvelous work was built under the order of King Setthathirat in 1560. Other favorite destinations for you to choose once in Luang Prabang are Wat Ho Pha Bang, Wat Wisunarat, Wat Xieng Muan, Wat Tham Xieng Maen, Wat That Luang, Wat Pha Mahathat and Wat Manolom. These are Laos’s treasures of wisdom, artistry and pride.


Laos Luang Prabang – Doors of wat aham temple

There is something you could not find elsewhere in the world. The view of lines of hundreds of monks from the various monasteries walking through the streets collecting alms is one example. On streets of Luang Prabang, there are night markets where stalls sell shirts, bracelets and other souvenirs. You can try some special local dishes there. Furthermore, this city is a combination of eastern and western world while you see many French provincial style houses next to the Buddhist temples and wats. Let’s join us to experience this sense.

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