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Hue is the charming former capital of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945 under a period of feudal dynasties – Nguyen Dynasty. Located in the central region of Vietnam, Hue Imperial city is the favorite tourism destination of a lot of travelers. The main attraction in Hue is the Citadel, which was officially recognised as a World Heritage Site in 1993 by UNESCO. After such a long time in wars, under construction and restoration, this city still preserves many feudal characters of the ancient empire, which are really suitable for history or culture themed tours. There are two main seasons in a year in Hue Imperial city : the dry and rainy seasons.

Hue - Imperial City

Hue Imperial City Overview


Legendary royal palaces were constructed on the northern bank of Perfume River. Hue Imperial city relics complex is comprised of over 100 works that reflect the monarchic life of the royal family and mandarins under Nguyen empire. Many visitors are amazed at the magnificent beauty of Thai Hoa Palace. This is a spacious hall having a timber roof and 80 carved columns. In the past, this place is used to organise important ceremonies, anniversaries, meetings and coronations. Feudal atmosphere is deeply reflected there. Behind the palaces, travelers could see the Forbidden Purple City, which is in the very centre of the Imperial Enclosure. The main entrance to the Imperial Enclosure is Ngo Mon Gate which has gold-colour doors and above the lotus pond.

Hue Imperial City  - Huong River

Hue Imperial City  – Huong River


Located on the southern bank of Perfume River are very beautiful and sophisticated tombs of Nguyen Kings: Gia Long tomb, Minh Mang tomb, Tu Duc tomb and Khai Dinh tomb. These tombs express the power of the emperors and the endless contribution of many the normal residents as well as their skillful construction ability.

Hue Imperial city has been one of the important Buddhism centers of Vietnam. In Hue, you can visit tens of very ancient pagodas built more than 300 years ago and hundreds of temples and pagodas constructed in the early century such as Thien Mu Pagoda, Dieu De National Pagoda, Chieu Ung Pagoda, Chua Ong Pagoda, Bao Quoc Pagoda, etc. The ancient and unique Buddhism atmosphere in Hue Imperial city shows the intelligent artistry mind of Vietnamese people.

Hue Imperial City  - Minh Mang Tomb

Hue Imperial City  – Minh Mang Tomb


Additionally, royal music is originated from this former capital city. Coming to Hue Imperial city, the experience of cruising on Perfume River, listening to charming royal music sung by pretty girls in long dress “ao dai” and tasting local cuisine and drinks should not be missed. Hue Imperial city still keeps all the pristine and traditional beauty of the Vietnamese people in the past. That is well preserved like a live museum of both architectural heritage and human culture heritage of Vietnam feudalism. Let’s travel to Hue with us to see unblemished cultural relics here.

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